Our Origin Story

The creation process of an entertainment outlet or large-scale installation is paramount. In the broader entertainment services industry, the individual stages from planning to construction to design to execution are usually handled by separate firms, each with independent timelines and priorities. The result? Information and coordination gaps that cause expensive delays, and critical problems that emerge once operations are in full swing.


With decades of experience between them, established entertainment experts Ted Mizrahi and Maxwell Zetlin realized that something was missing in the system: that no one had ever established an organization with the capability to close these vital gaps through Vertical Integration. In 2000, Ted Mizrahi established ExtraPro in the United States focusing specifically on Hollywood and in Las Vegas. 18 years later Ted endeavored to diversify and expand ExtraPro’s portfolio by strategically partnering up with Maxwell in 2018. The partnership sought to include the business component into its roster of services and also allowed the company to expand its services into Southeast Asia.


With an opportunity before them and driven by the need to lead a meaningful, effective and much-needed change in the system, the combination of their own considerable technical and business expertise, allowed for a company established on a thorough understanding of the complex moving parts of an entertainment project.


ExtraPro Entertainment, Ltd.

Maxwell Zetlin


Ted Mizrahi


Our Philosophy

Our name captures our philosophy, Extra Pro. We always aim above and beyond what is expected, to deliver nothing short of extraordinary. We take pride in our expertise and professionalism, in the caliber of service and creative execution we provide. As a company, our mission is to Provide our clients with innovative, robust, and sustainable solutions. To challenge the status quo while exploring the unexplored. To create value through our expertise and professionalism.

This way we can take on challenges of any size and scale. No matter the limitation or complexity, we make it possible.

Our Unique Process

An Exclusive 360º System

Through strategic collaborations we vertically integrate with our partners applying proprietary life cycle processes with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Our system streamlines all steps and provides specialists at every point of the development process; This means no gaps in communication or planning, and a smooth, well-rounded, professional run from inception to launch. No longer does FUNCTIONALITY and INNOVATION have to be mutually exclusive; we develop sustainable concepts with operational planning from the start.

End-to-End Solutions

With a global network of creative, technical, and business experts; ExtraPro offers a one-stop shop for all entertainment sectors. From multimedia solutions to architainment to temporary and/or permanent installations we have the network, the know-how, and the capability to come in at any phase of a project and turn it over fully developed, manned, and ready to go. When you work with us expect the extraordinary we love a challenge and have been industry problem solvers since the year 2000. No matter the size or complexity We Make It Possible.

From Inception to Operation

When opening a new entertainment facility or multimedia installation, ExtraPro will be there from conception or come in at any phase. We understand that each project has unique challenges, so we plan based on your business objectives supporting you throughout the projects life cycle from inception to operation. Our tailored approach takes all facets of a project into consideration applying our proprietary system and process in order to address all aspects of development completely and systematically every single time.

Our Client Industries

Integrated Resorts & Casinos
Day & Nightlife Groups
Hospitality Groups
Music Festivals & Concerts
Amusement Parks
Corporate Theatre
Construction Management

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