Project Managing Entertainment and Media-based development is a highly specialized skill set with many complex challenges. From managing entertainment technical systems to creatives and integration there are countless vendors and stakeholders throughout a projects life cycle in which require a systematic and methodical approach to streamlining development. Having highly specialized entertainment project management is imperative to the timeline, cost, and success of any project as a result ExtraPro utilizes a diverse labor force of strategic project managers providing precise, up-to-the-minute coordination to ensure that everything goes according to plan: timelines are followed, budgets are met, objectives are achieved, and commitments are delivered. Our tailored approach allows us to see through plans from inception to operation. Our Project Management have been there, know what they are doing, and we’ll get you to where you want to be – on brand, on budget, and on time.

Project Management Services

When it comes to integration nothing is more important than methodical planning. At ExtraPro we deploy the most experienced PMs to develop the program, systems, and critical path ensuring drawings and schematics are being followed and Quality is met at every point with smooth well rounded transitions from planning to launch


Entertainment development has many complex challenges and moving parts. As a result our team seamlessly integrates with all project dependencies and stakeholders. We ensure everyone is on the same page while work is completed on time, to the plan, meeting our stringent  brand standards


A successful installation is not just about a working system but ensuring you know the ins and outs to maximize the operation and minimize issues. Our team coordinates with all stakeholders ensuring the end user is familiar with the turn on process and trouble shooting.We test the equipment and commission over to the end user or even stay on to support the client as long as required.


When developing a complex Entertainment installation  everything must be planned to the T. Throughout the Life cycle there will be multiple vendors and stakeholder all with different plans, timelines, and objectives. As a result ExtraPro mobilizes strategic project programmers to ensure all moving parts are properly planned out, scheduled, and sequentially implemented

Project Management Process

Project Assessment

First, we start by assessing your project requirements, timelines, and objectives in order to develop a project and resource plan. Subsequently we tap into our in-house project management team and network of alliances in order to ensure we have the right tools and personnel for the respective project.

Planning & Coordination

Our team of Project Managers will assist in the planning, programming, and quality control throughout the development life cycle. Our team seamlessly interfaces with all internal/external project stakeholders to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Test, Commission, Train

Our expert project managers develop the systems, supervise the installation, test, commission, train, and oversee a smooth transition to operations followed by post opening support.

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