When opening a new integrated resort, casino, nightlife venue, or live event, ExtraPro experts provide solutions distinctive to your business objectives. We understand that each project has a multitude of moving parts and phases all expected to run seamlessly. As such we support our clients throughout the life cycle of a development or operation helping achieve your goals in the most effective and efficient way possible.
Whether you’re building from the ground up or optimizing business, our team will be with you from inception through operation.

Business Consultancy Services

With a network spanning across the globe specializing in live events, nightlife, and hospitality, ExtraPro helps you establish the model, strategy, and plan in which will make up the foundation of your entertainment installation.


Drawing from our in-house specialists and network of alliances, ExtraPro allocates business and operational experts to examine current systems, SOPs, and resources in order to provide solutions to meet and exceed your objectives.


Our in-house team of operational experts will help establish and guide the resource planning by developing the scope, criteria, and manpower requirements tailor fit to your unique business demands.


The ExtraPro Entertainment operations department will assist and oversee the development of the systems required to run your business in the most efficient and effective way possible. From venue management to internal protocol, we’ve been there, we know what we’re doing, and we’ll get you to where you want to be.


The ExtraPro brand & marketing team supports all clients throughout the lifecycle of development while providing an inimitable level of creativity and strategy. We see branding as being one of the most important facets of a project as such we employ the best and provide our clients with first rate experts to help achieve their specific goals and objectives


Not only do we develop sustainable entertainment attractions, ExtraPro also provides post opening support and manpower services in order to ensure seamless transition from pre to post operning.

Business Consultancy Process

Project Assessment

Based on project requirements, budgets, and timelines we plan the resource allocation and  propose the ideal team of experts dedicated to your project.


Your team of dedicated consultants will develop the business model, resource plan, and systems with an agreed-upon project plan & timeline. This team may be on or off-site depending on your needs.


Once the plan, model, and systems are in place we oversee the implementation; working side by side with you on daily management, coordination, and training in order to seamlessly execute the critical path and prepare your business for launch.

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