The Pendant Light Purifier is our all-purpose fixture suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Its slim form factor fits right to any location that needs the most disinfection. At home it can be placed on the kitchen or dining area where micro-organisms are mostly present.

In an office environment you may be able to put the LumenAire™ on reception areas, meeting rooms, pantry and breakout areas as it is both decorative and functional. Basically, it is an air purifier disguised as a pendant lamp that can be used almost anywhere!

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General specifications

Pendant Light  Specifications
Length 1200 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 120 mm
Weight 8 kg
Housing Powder Coated Steel
Luminaire LED – Adjustable White
Germicidal Light 1 x Philips TUV 55W HO 1SL/6
Filter HEPA & Carbon combination
Exposure Time (Et) 0.9 secs
Power Consumption 110-220V 24V-75w