ExtraPro goes the extra mile

The world is bursting with talent and big ideas—that’s a fact. Wherever you are on this planet, there is no scarcity of creative juices and ambition, almost as free-flowing and as abundant as its waters.
But when the current of competition is too strong, even the most talented and the most ambitious get carried away and become mere onlookers. Once in a while, however, we meet a game-changer—someone who does not go with the flow, defies the tide, and sets the pace.
A game-changer recognizes the opportunity in every problem, and seizes it as a platform to turn the mediocre to exceptional; basic to extraordinary; and typical to one-of-a-kind. That’s what it takes to change the game.
The vibrant and vicious entertainment industry
The entertainment industry has its fair share of game-changers. When we talk about “entertainment” here, it stretches far beyond a concert, a TV production, or a Las Vegas show. Entertainment is everything and anything that provides amusement or satisfaction to people through various kinds of experience—be it an integrated resort and casino, a big music festival or concert, an “architainment” spectacle, a theatrical installation, or an amusement park.
Innovation is in the very DNA of this ever vibrant and competitive industry of pleasing and amusing. You should elicit nods of approval, smiles, cries, shouts, and thundering applause. And in order for you to do this, you always need to go the extra mile, or you can go down anytime. It’s a high-stake, high-value industry that strives for no less than perfection.
The creation process of an entertainment outlet or any large-scale installation is crucial. Usually, it takes a village to successfully bring one to life, not to mention that it can come with a hefty price. More often than not, dealing with a lot of people leads to underwhelming results, delays in delivery, and information and coordination gaps due to each “supplier’s” conflicting timelines. Worse, some of the more critical problems emerge once the project is already in full swing.
This is where ExtraPro comes in. Thankfully, we have minds like Ted Mizrahi and Maxwell Zetlin, seasoned entertainment experts who are way ahead of their time. The veteran duo realized the problem and seized the opportunity that came with it—that no one had ever established an organization with the capability to close these vital gaps through “Vertical Integration.”
ExtraPro’s early success was evident in big projects in Hollywood and Las Vegas back in 2000 when Ted established ExtraPro Entertainment. But as he constantly set his eyes on bigger and more revolutionary goals, Ted endeavored to expand ExtraPro’s portfolio of technical expertise by partnering up with Maxwell in 2018, adding the business component into its roster of services and allowing the company to expand throughout Southeast Asia.
What contributes to ExtaPro’s expertise and the ability to deliver is its trusted network of individuals and organizations that have worked in multiple markets, paving the way for an extensive grasp and understanding of the global stage. This is further supported by its team of in-house specialists, who all have worked at the forefront of global entertainment, and are behind some of the biggest and most breathtaking entertainment spectacles that the world has ever seen.
At its core, ExtraPro has one goal in mind: to redefine the entertainment industry one project at a time. With its expertise in entertainment design, consultancy, and technology, they are more than capable of seamlessly connecting every aspect of development and bringing anyone’s vision to life—no matter how crazy or ambitious a project may be.
ExtraPro’s unique process
ExtraPro has an exclusive 360º system that streamlines all steps and provides specialists at every point. There are no gaps in planning—they simply do it better, faster, and more efficient.
The people behind ExtraPro always try to see the project in both macro and micro perspective, a comprehensive and multiangled approach that allows them to fully understand the project. You can bring them in at any point of development, and they’ll surely steer it to the right directions.
Their clients work hand-in-hand with a team of world-class experts spanning five continents, an alliance of minds at the forefront of their respective industries. Each member is dedicated to providing a unique 360 synchronized process, designed to bring visions to life.
Whatever your project is, the team has a simplified and systematic approach that is flexible to any project of any scale. Given all this, ExtraPro has one promise: to deliver nothing short of extraordinary—always on brand, on budget, and on time.
The ever-changing landscape has made it almost impossible to keep ahead, not unless you disrupt the trend by learning how to think not “outside the box” but without a box. This way, you can take on any challenge in front of you in the same way that ExtraPro has been doing for the past 18 years—always making things possible, no matter the limitation or complexity.
Guided by an inspiring purpose, the best companies always explore new possibilities—curious and connected, daring and ingenious—as they work from the future back to develop more audacious and disruptive ideas to outthink the competition.
The world may be bursting with talent and big ideas, but only a few know what to do with them. This is where the movers and shakers emerge. The great minds behind ExtraPro knew how, and the world has been their biggest audience since, always at the front seat of game-changing vision, innovation, and execution.
Ted and Maxwell are game-changers because it’s in their nature to amplify others’ potential, to explore the unexplored, and to dare what’s already established. With this mindset, they continue to make the impossible possible, one installation at a time.

AUTHOR: Rakesh Thakur