ExtraPro announces strategic alliance

Northside Consulting Company Limited (NCCL) Managing Director Gert Noordzy and ExtraPro Entertainment Limited (ExtraPro) Founder and CEO Maxwell Zetlin announced a new strategic alliance that leverages each company’s unique strengths and assets to expand client reach and enhance how hospitality customers are served in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The collaboration provides the developers of new hospitality projects with comprehensive, integrated one-stop solutions for the planning and execution of entertainment outlets as integral part of new hotel and resort developments.

“ExtraPro brings a decade of excellence in delivering world-class entertainment outlets. The creation process of an entertainment outlet or large-scale installation is paramount. In the broader entertainment services industry, the individual stages from planning to construction to design to execution are usually handled by separate firms, each with independent timelines and priorities. This leads to information and coordination gaps that cause expensive delays, and critical problems that emerge once operations are in full swing,” said Noordzy. He added: “ExtraPro provides the capability to close these vital gaps through vertical integration.”

Zetlin said, “Northside Consulting is one of the leaders in project life cycle management for new hospitality projects, including integrated resorts. One of the proven derailers in the launch of integrated resorts is the lack of managing the interdependencies of the entertainment complex with the overall resort. He added, “We are excited to partner with NCCL because of its commitment to create excellence in new hotel openings.

About Northside Consulting
Northside Consulting Company Limited (NCCL) is a boutique consulting firm, specializing in new hotel opening processes, and Organizational Project Management for the hospitality industry. Services provided include pre-opening support for new hotel projects, and new hotel opening project performance improvement.

Media Contact:
Gert Noordzy, Managing Director NCCL, gert.noordzy@northside-consulting.com / www.northside-consulting.com

About ExtraPro Entertainment Limited
ExtraPro Entertainment (ExtraPro) is a boutique entertainment solutions firm, at the leading edge of entertainment design, consultancy, and technology. ExtraPro brings together the entertainment world’s best professionals, tech, and resources under one entity.

Media Contact:
Maxwell Zetlin, Chief Executive Officer ExtraPro, maxwell.zetlin@extrapro.com

AUTHOR: Rakesh Thakur