Audio, Visual, Lighting, and Rigging are essential to the success of any entertainment project or spectacle: crafting mood and vibe, creating wonder, and unleashing excitement. That’s why we make sure to always keep ourselves on the cutting edge, so we consistently deliver dynamic and unique guest experiences.

Our worldwide technical alliances help us stay ahead of the game, enabling us to efficiently and expertly deliver consistent, state-of-the-art entertainment that’s custom designed to achieve your specific goals every single time.

  • Our team of technical specialists and system engineers design and specify all entertainment technical hardware, software, and infrastructure in accordance with your objectives and project requirements.

  • Our experienced team of system engineers create the schematic recommendations which are subsequently coordinated and confirmed by your projects general contractor and integrator.

  • The ExtraPro team will either create the appropriate CAD layers or update existing architectural files in addition to producing all the associated patch schedules.

  • ExtraPro is there when you need us. Our experienced project management team will oversee the entire project or come in at any phase. We supervise entertainment technical integration applying our proven methods with the most organized and professional project team in the industry.

  • On behalf of the client, ExtraPro will test and confirm the operation of the entire system. We will lead the process of troubleshooting, training, and coordinating with equipment manufacturers to ensure a fully working system with ExtraPro certified operators.

The simplified process we use to provide solutions to all your technical needs.
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    First, we start by assessing your project requirements, timelines, and objectives in order to cultivate a plan utilizing our team of in-house specialists and network of alliances. We will then propose the most efficient and effective way to meet your technical objectives prior to engagement.

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    Our team of technical specialists will assist in the development and solutions of the most efficient and effective approach to meet your objectives on plan, on budget, and on time.

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    The ExtraPro team will develop, manage, and oversee all Entertainment technical systems, diagrams, assets, logistics, installation, and commissioning.