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ExtraPro was founded in 2011 by Ted Mizrahi, a visual designer with 20+ years experience in Lighting Design, Video, Show Control and Media Creation. Mizrahi’s multi-faceted experience with high profile clients such as Tao Group, The Playboy Organization, Carnival Rio Brazil,  comedian Terry Fator, American Fitness, Minority Report, Cat in The Hat and countless other events give him a unique perspective on the needs of the entertainment industry. ExtraPro’s first product, PatchPlayer™, is a simple yet powerful media player for Android® devices. The creation of PatchPlayer was a direct result of Mizrahi’s show experiences, where current media player technology was either too sophisticated, expensive or difficult to operate for many users.

ExtraPro is committed to making production software and hardware easier to use for all. We believe that our products are game changing, and necessary to the job site. Stay tuned for other exciting new products we’ve slated for release, including PatchPlayer DJEZ, PatchPlayer Scheduler and PolyTalkie. ExtraPro strives to deliver complete customer satisfaction with our products, and we promise to give our customers evolutionary entertainment show tools.